Our passion is hats

MEGAVI is not just one more place to buy a hat. MEGAVI is family, style, tradition, and the best way to create your new personal flair signature.

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MEGAVI is family

Through MEGAVI, I personally hand pick and bring you the unique hat designs, from each of my trips to San Francisco del Rincón, the hat capital of the world, my home.

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Our passion for hats, style, romance, and tradition

Handmade Hats at the hat-making capital of the world Mexico.

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With MEGAVI, you will learn everything about shopping, owning and wearing a hat like a true fashionista.

The art of collecting and owning the unique pieces

MEGAVI is not just a hat store, it is a new hobby, and a new passion for you and me: the art of collecting and owning the unique pieces that will give a whole new twist to your entire closet and will bring a modern flair to your old outfits.